Replacement and retrofit

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Wear, upgrading the installation, or high energy consumption: there comes a time for each fan when it needs to be replaced.

Naaykens’ archive goes back to the mid-1950s. This means we have all the information on any industrial fan we have ever built. This enables Naaykens’ to fully maintain, revise, or replace any fan ever supplied.

If a fan is replaced, we can fit it to the existing piping, taking into account any requirements to increase or decrease capacity.

We use the knowledge and experience of our professionals to replace fans. We are even capable of manufacturing third-party fans and parts equivalent to the original. In such cases, we often offer a fitting fan from our own programme, or – if, for example, the initial supplier can no longer deliver – completely reconstruct a fan.


An old fan can also be replaced by a new model, equipped with the latest technology. Consider:

  • the ATEX directives;
  • a higher efficiency;
  • a more energy-efficient fan;
  • direct drive model (frequency-controlled) instead of V-belt drive.

Our extensive archive again enables us to replace the fan one-for-one and fit it to the existing installation. This would forego any need to place any additional piping. Ask our specialists about the possibilities.