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Gases or air flows that are released during or after the production process need to be cleansed of substances that may harm the environment or the health.

Naaykens’ offers a broad production programme of industrial filters and separators (cyclones) for dedusting gases and filtering air This includes:

The type of filter suited for your business depends on your requirements, budget, and the production process. The following tips may still offer some guidance for your selection, however.

We often recommend a mechanical separator for a rough separation between the dust particles and the gas. Filters are often used to extract fine dust from the air. If there is continuous production (flow production), we advise you to choose a filter cleaned with compressed air.

Transportable filters

Our production programme also includes industrial filters that are not installed in a fixed location, but need to be used flexibly. We have previously supplies filters used for blasting and spraying ships, bridges, and high-voltage pylons. These so-called transportable filters are available as filters cleaned mechanically or with compressed air, including accompanying fan.

All filters and dust separators have dust extraction. If required, this can be electrically driven.