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Valves regulate or cut off air flows. Closing the valve increases the system resistance, leading to less air movement.

Naaykens’ valves can be factory-fitted with electrical, manual, or pneumatic controls. Naaykens’ supplies a wide range of valves, both circular and rectangular:

  • Butterfly valve
  • Self-closing check valve
  • Fire-resistant ventilation valve
  • Uniformly rotating multi-leaf damper
  • Counter-rotating multi-leaf damper

Multileaf dampers

Multileaf dampers, uniformly or counter-rotating, come in three standard models:

  • with bronze bearing bushes, at temperatures up to 100 °C;
  • with stainless-steel bearing bushes, at temperatures between 100 °C and 200 °C;
  • with flange bearings on bridges, at temperatures between 200 °C and 300 °C;

Naaykens’ can also supply the right valves for medium temperatures above 300 °C. Our specialists would be happy to tell you more.