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From as early as 1945, our products have been used in the production and processing of:

Food, Stimulants, and Pharmacy

Naaykens’ is well-known in the industry for food, stimulants, and pharmacy. Within this market, we mainly supply stainless-steel fans.

These are, if required, in accordance with FDA and HACCP, and can be fitted with internal spray nozzles for CIP (Cleaning In Place) cleaning.

You can find our fans in (milk) drying towers, coffee roasting facilities, cocoa processors, the tobacco industry, bakeries, potato processing industry, meat processing, ovens and frying ovens, candy factories, mushroom farms and animal feed installations.

Chemistry and Petrochemistry

Naaykens’ fans are used in various business processes at, among other places, Shell, DSM, Climax Molybdenum, DuPont, Sekisui, Akzo, Titan Wood, BASF, and Gasunie.

These fans are usually ATEX-certified and made from high-grade steel in accordance with the end user’s specifications.


We have been exclusive supplier for many stone and roof tile factories for many years. We owe this to the high reliability and long service life of our fans.

We also supply to manufacturers of glass, porcelain, tiles, and rock and glass wool.


Even in the relatively young industry for biomass and torrefaction, Naaykens’ is already a well-known player.

The biomass industry sets high requirements for the fans, which must be both gastight and spark-resistant. Our production programme has seamlessly integrated these requirements.

You can therefore find our biogas fans in various domestic and foreign installations.

Environment and Energy

An incinerator, scrubber, vacuum truck, but also a composting installation for both organic waste and horse manure: they have all used Naaykens’ fans for many years now.

Our fans are also used in the recovery of heat and energy.


Naaykens’ supplies the paper industry with fans for pneumatic transport, paper suction and paper dust extraction.

We also produce special fan models for the transport of beams and cardboard.

In addition, our fans comply with the ATEX directives for paper dust if so required.

On- and offshore

The industry for shipping and offshore uses Naaykens’ fans for many different purposes.

Consider e.g. the degassing of cargo tanks, the ventilation and drying of the hold during work activities, the extraction of chemical tankers, the use of inert-gas systems, and the extraction of both technical and residential areas on drilling platforms.

Flue gas exhaust

Our durable fans are perfectly suited to discharge flue gases, whether these are hot, abrasive and/or oily. From large flue fans to smaller high-temperature fans for fire training centres: we supply it all.

Other industries

Naaykens’ also supplies fans to boiler and water heater manufacturers for heating plants, as we do for surface treatment companies, blasting companies, and drinking water and waste water facilities. Chances are you’ve been swimming in a wave pool where a Naaykens’ fan produces the waves.