High pressure fans

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Naaykens’ industrail high pressure fans combine the latest technologies with high quality. When reliability, optimum efficiency and low energy consumption are required, Naaykens’ high-pressure fans are your best choice.

Our high pressure fans are compact and robust. They are equipped with a lightweight aluminium impeller to achieve a short lead time. Of course the impeller can also be made from weathering steel, stainless steel, or any other steel you like.


The blades are placed in the specially designed impeller with great precision. The impeller is optimised for a stable air flow across the entire feature.

Operating pressures

High pressure fans can come equipped for operating pressures of 30 mbars to around 250 mbars.


Industrial high pressure fans are mainly used for:

  • Pressure boosting
  • Air knives
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Burner supply air
  • Flotation cell
  • Waste water treatment
  • Fluidisation processes
  • Purge air for sight glasses
  • Cooling and drying